I started working at the University of Belgrade in October 2000 and taught Psychology of mental health, Psychological prevention, Psychoanalysis, and Emotional development. Since October 2014, I am teaching at International Psychoanalytic University, most often Introduction to psychoanalysis, but also Clinical psychology, Psychological interventions, and Psychopathology. For two years I also taught Contemporary psychoanalysis and Clinical psychology in Klagenfurt, Austria.

I have given invited lectures at universities and institutes in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Serbia and the US, as well as plenaries at international conferences in Germany and Serbia. Several dozens of my conference presentations took place in England, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Spain, the US, and Turkey. You can find a video of one of my lectures here

I am also leading small study groups on topics related to psychoanalysis and clinical psychology. For groups of up to 8 participants, I provide 90-minute-long interactive teaching and/or guided discussions of literature.

The groups are focused on the following topics:

1. History of psychoanalysis

Introductory lectures and guided discussions of papers ranging from XIX century theories of unconscious to current intersubjectivity trends.

2. Attachment theory and research

Introductory lectures and guided discussions about attachment concepts, measurement, developmental and clinical implications

3. Shakespeare and psychoanalysis

In-depth study of Shakespeare’s plays in the context of Elizabethan and Jacobean “psychology” and “psychiatry”, their influences on Freud and psychoanalysis in general, as well as psychoanalytic interpretations of the tragedies.

4. Ferenczi relevance today

Introductory lectures and guided discussions about Sandor Ferenczi’s theoretical and clinical work, focused on his huge influence on current psychoanalytic trends.

5. Interpersonal tradition in psychoanalysis

Introductory lectures and guided discussions about “interpersonal” tradition in psychoanalysis, through readings of Ferenczi, Winnicott, Bowlby, Sullivan, Kohut, Mitchell, Benjamin…

If you want to apply or inquire about the study groups, please send me a message at aleksandar@berlinpsychoanalyst.com.