My professional dream has always been to study the unconscious and its influences on our lives, and to use exactly these insights for helping others. All of my studies, my clinical work and the many years of my personal analysis were devoted to this goal: developing and supporting the capacity for self-reflection.
I am trained in responding to urgencies and can help clients overcome pressing emotional problems, but I also encourage them to go beyond that: I do my best to provide an opportunity for everyone to experience and overcome all the pain they did not dare face on their own, and then continue their development relieved and emboldened.
In my work as a counsellor I am focused both on what happens inside a person, like dreams, as well as on attachment relationships one may have with parents, siblings, friends, spouses and children.
Still marvelling at this process that can bring total strangers into most intimate conversation partners, I listen attentively and patiently for the messages from the unconscious, trying to help clients learn how to understand those themselves. At the same time, I always see a clinical encounter as a dialogue, in which I both help others and learn from them.
My sessions last 50 minutes and cost 100 euro. In specific circumstances, I charge reduced fee or offer charity. I am still not part of German statutory health insurance system, so sessions I offer are not being reimbursed as a rule. I can, however, provide invoices that clients use in negotiating reimbursement with their insurance companies.

If you would like to book a session or have any questions, please send me a message at